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I’ve been helping retailers for over 20 years to identify untapped opportunities in their locations. My expertise and experience in the retail space can provide valuable insights and strategic solutions for businesses to grow and thrive.

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Triangle of Success

Master TheTriangle Of

My approach to assessing any business involves a keen focus on the "Triangle of Success." By following the Steps to Success, you will gain the tools to identify and refine your own Triangle of Success, uncovering new opportunities for growth and advancement.

Meet Brad

Brad is an entrepreneur, husband, traveler, and water sports enthusiast with a passion for all things business. His philosophy centers around cultivating strong relationships and taking decisive action, while placing a great emphasis on analyzing data to identify challenges and transform them into opportunities. By focusing on the "Triangle of Success" and adhering to key mantras, Brad believes that individuals and businesses can always reach their full potential.

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Drive Success Today

Success doesn't simply happen, it takes focus, determination and a solid action plan. The goal is to be present each and every day for your business to thrive. Let me show you how to Drive Success Today!

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Identify the problem and solve it

Most people have trouble getting started because they focus on the problems that do not exist. You have to Plan, Take Action and moving forward, the Problems will Identify Themselves. Simply focus on each problem as they come up and solve them TODAY!

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No Excusities

Is excusities a word? Absolutely not. Are excuses equally as made up? Yes, they are. Excuses cannot be the thing that holds you back from finding solutions to the problems plaguing your business. Stop taking the easy way out and commit to no excusities!

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what i do to helpbusiness owners


identify business goals

Looking to connect with me one-on-one and collaborate on a detailed action plan for your business? I've created a questionnaire that can provide me with the information I need to be able to dive deep into your business metrics and company processes. Together, we can start optimizing your business by building out a custom digital action list to help get you on the path to Drive Success Today. Once we set goals and timelines for the success of your business, my team will be on-hand to assist you in mastering these new changes and navigating the challenges of business ownership.

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create action lists

Once we have your initial goals outlined, we can make a comprehensive action list for you and your team. This gives everyone easy to follow instructions on how you can achieve your goals through accurate decision making and the division of tasks

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software designed To Scale

Software is the name of the game right now and if you’re looking to improve or scale your business, you need to have your finger on the pulse of current technology. The right technology can streamline your operations, increase productivity, improve culture and expand your reach with cutting-edge software solutions that grow alongside your business and your revenue.

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identify your perfect lender lineup

Offer your customers flexible payment options and improve their shopping experience with our lending solutions for retail businesses. Let our experts help you expand your customer base and increase sales by providing a wider range of payment options tailored to their needs.

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Develop A Marketing Strategy

Many people don't take the first step towards their goals because they become fixated on nonexistent problems. The key is to plan, take action, and let the problems reveal themselves as you move forward. When these obstacles arise, solve them promptly and efficiently to ensure that your business continues to progress.

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